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Our offices

Reception desk

A warm reception is very important to us. Our receptionists will definitely help you find the right contact within our company. Welcome every weekday from 8:30 to 12h and from 13h to 17h.

Conference room

Communication is important! Our company has several meeting rooms equipped with presentation equipment.

Accounting department & Management

The financial and HR department watch over revenues and expenses of the company and the well-being of our personnel. Management ensures everything runs smoothly.

Sales department

Here our customers worldwide can contact us concerning their orders, questions about products, stock levels... Our international team will try to answer all our customers in their own language!

Purchase department

The purchase team makes sure that all products are on stock in time and communicates with all our suppliers. Price and quality are important; therefore the team is supported by three purchase offices in the Far East.

IT department

A high degree of automation and computerization is essential in a modern company. Our IT department ensures that the information highway continues to operate at full speed.

Kits (Resource & Development)

Not only its purchase and sales departments, but also its own research and development department make Velleman unique.

Graphical department & photo studio

No products without a clear and complete manual in multiple languages, packaging and advertising material. Communication with the various involved departments is optimal as everything is done in-house.

Quality control

No purchase without a profound quality control! All our products must meet the required standards. Safety first!


Customers can rely on us for technical assistance and repair of our products. Our service team provides assistance in the shortest possible time.

Kits production

The production process of our own designs is as much as possible done in-house. The years of experience of the production team guarantees an impeccable quality!

USA - English (UK)