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Consumer electronics & PC accessories

A wide range of torches, audio accessories, weather stations, adapters, etc …

Electronics tools

Do-it-yourselfer or professional, everyone can find his own preferred tool or measuring device.

Instruments & modules

Our own designs include PC interfaces, PC measuring devices and portable oscilloscopes. For specific applications you can choose from our ready-made modules.

CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision)

Safety monitoring needed? We offer all kinds of alarm detectors, presence detectors and cameras ranging from miniature up to high-performance network systems with digital recorders.

Kits & Domotics

For the electronics enthusiast a wide range of kits is available. You need an electronic application or solution? Here you can find it. Our Velbus ® automation system can also be explored.

Sound & light

From private disco to professional installations, video walls, all sorts of lighting effects, PA amplifiers and speakers. We have it all.

Perel showroom

Garden tools, air conditioning, fans, compressors, generators… Everything can be found in our Perel department, as well as a wide range of do-it-yourself tools.

USA - English (UK)