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Velleman warehouse

Incoming goods

The sea containers are unloaded using a telescopic conveyer belt. After automatic volume verification, all packages are scanned and with a pusher sorted out onto different conveyers. With a second manual sort-to-light scan the operators further sort out the different packages.

Distribution centre

The new Distribution Centre (DC) is equipped with state-of-the-art logistic technologies such as Kardex shuttles®>, narrow-corridor forklifts and conveyer systems. A smooth goods flow, zone independency and an optimal space management are key features of our new warehouse concept. The inbound features an automated sorting unit conveying the goods to the correct location by means of a complex conveyer and sort-to-light system.

Warehouse management system

In the storage area the goods are allocated to the most ideal location, depending on their nature and/or volume. This is controlled by a new Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Kardex shuttles®

The Kardex Shuttles®, with a total capacity of 300m³, allow for fast, efficient, simultaneous and ergonomic storage and order picking. The WMS offers the necessary management tools in order to make flexible and adequate decisions for order picking by RF (Radio Frequency), guaranteeing a smooth customer order flow.

Outgoing goods

After picking an order, the bins are scanned and automatically sorted out by a pusher onto a previously determined conveyer according the order volume and/or destination. After confirmation, each article is scanned separately and the complete order is packed. The package is than automatically weighed, compared to a theoretical weight, and completed with a shipping label and delivery documents. All packages are finally scanned in the right transportation zone.

USA - English (UK)